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Organizations Funding Projects Relating to IP&T and EIME


Private / NGOs

  • Foundation Center [3]
(General source of information on private grants. Includes a searchable directory based on subscription. [4])


  • Utah State Office of Education Ed Tech Grants [14]
There isn’t anything here right now! But it is good to know it exists.

Additional Sources for Finding Funding

  • Listing of top funders in various areas of educational research (Foundation Center) [15]
  • Michigan State Library Database on Grants [16]
Extensive list of education-related grants. I liked this the best of the three "additional source" I listed.
  • Google Grant Foundations Directory [17]
Organized by subject. Google group.
  • Communities of Science [18]
Free, searchable database for finding funding (look at their thesaurus for key terms). Several universities were promoting this site.