Grant Writing and Project Management 2009

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The complete syllabus for this course can be found online at

This wiki page includes the course topics and schedule, which may evolve during the semester.

Course Participant Blogs

Organizations Funding IP&T-like Projects


Private / NGOs


  • Edutopia Grant Information Page [4]
  • Gates Foundation [5]
  • AT&T Foundation Education Grants [6]


  • Utah State Office of Education Ed Tech Grants [7]
There isn’t anything here right now! But it is good to know it exists.

Additional Sources for Finding Funding

  • Michigan State Library Database on Grants [8]
Extensive list of education-related grants. I liked this the best of the three "additional source" I listed.
  • Google Grant Foundations Directory [9]
Organized by subject. Google group.
  • Communities of Science [10]
Free, searchable database for finding funding (look at their thesaurus for key terms). Several universities were promoting this site.

Course Topics

  • Week 2 - Finding Your Passion
    • D&C 123:12-15
    • The Way of the Disciple, President Uchtdorf (April 2009 General Conference) Pay special attention to the paragraph titled 'The Way of the World'
    • The Shower, Dish Washing, and Yard Cutting Test - When your hands are busy and your mind is not, where do your thoughts go? What do you think about (in field) when no one is requiring you to think about the field?
    • Finding Your Question - Opportunity, Experience, Impact, and P. T. Barnum
    • Finding Peace with the Competition with "Bachelor Status"
    • The in-class exercise on Clarifying and Strengthening Your Question
    • Assignment: List your blog address by logging in and clicking "Edit" above. (If you don't have a blog, get a free one at
    • Assignment: Blog your passion and current question
  • Week 3 - Finding Your Partners
    • Mosiah 23:13-14
    • The Shopping Mall Test
    • Differences Between Federal and Private Foundations
    • Finding a Funder
    • Finding an RFP
    • Finding Co-PIs (and Coase's notion of transaction costs)
    • Assignment: Help compile a list of IP&T-related funding agencies on the Wiki
    • Assignment: Find and blog an appropriate RFP for your passion / question
  • Week 4 - First Steps
    • 2 Nephi 28:30
    • Reading and Highlighting RFPs
    • Talking to / Soft Pitching Program Officers
    • Finding and Reading Previous Successful Grants
    • Assignment: Highlight your RFP and pull out keywords (note: this is a PAPER-based assignment)
  • Week 5 - The Introduction
    • D&C 123:16-17
    • The First Impression
    • Writing the One Page Introduction / Summary
    • The Funnel Shape of the 1 Pager
    • The Cadence Toward the Question
    • Assignment: Blog (1) your one page summary, and (2) a description of the funnel shape and cadence of the summary
  • Week 6 - Writing the Proposal
    • Ether 12:23-25
    • Frameworks / Literature Reviews
    • Connecting Literature to RFP Keywords
    • Credibility / The Named Team
    • Project Timeline
    • Assignment: Outline your proposal and complete your timeline, and post these to your blog
  • Week 7 - The Money
    • 1 Timothy 6:10, Mormon 8:37
    • Budgets
    • Personnel
    • "Equipment"
    • Overhead / F&A Costs
    • Assignment: Draft your budget and post to your blog
  • Week 8 - Administrivia (with Aaron Popham)
    • Matthew 5:18
    • Coordinating with Research Office (ORCA @ BYU)
    • Human Subjects Review
    • The Submission Process (e.g., Fastlane,
    • Guest Speakers from ORCA and David O. Mckay School of Education
  • Week 11 - Areas of Concern
    • Mosiah 4:30
    • Communicating with Customers
    • Controlling Scope Creep
    • Changes in the Environment
    • Staying on Schedule
    • Assignment: Find and blog about one online resource in each of these areas
  • Week 12 - Why Do Projects Fail?
    • Mosiah 4:29
    • Tuesday's Guest: Andy Gibbons (9:45)
      • iHawk - misperception of client need
      • Flight evaluator - scope creep
      • MD80 flight guidance - changes in the environment
      • SH2F subject matter experts and schedule
      • F16 subcontractor and schedule
    • Assignment: Interview a project manager or faculty member about a grant / project that went bad and blog the story in as much detail as you can (with their permission, of course)
  • Week 13 - The End?
    • 3 Nephi 15:9
    • Finishing and Closing Out Projects
    • Reporting / Final Grant Reports
    • Audits
    • Continuation Funding
  • Week 14 - Putting the Course to Work for You (1)
    • 1 Nephi 19:23
    • Department Projects
    • Dissertations
    • Committee Management
    • Assignment: Continue drafting your project / dissertation proposal

  • Week 15 - Putting the Course to Work for You (3)
    • Work Week
    • Assignment: Blog your final draft proposal
    • Assignment: Present your proposal in class for a mini-defense (answer relevant questions, etc.)
    • Assignment: Final interview with instructor and grade determination


    • Jana Chapman: Vocal Performance Database
    • Nari Carter: Preservice special education teachers' beliefs about effective reading instruction for students with mild to moderate disabilities
    • Tiffany Ivins: Evaluating Open Educational Resources in Himalayan Villages
    • Zendina Mostert: Increasing Access to Surgical Healthcare in Ethiopia
    • Moses Khombe: Investing in Malawi Children for a better tomorrow.


    • Anne M. Makin:
    • Isaku Tateishi: Assessing the impacts of online design collaboration in developing global competence among undergraduate engineering students who participate from multiple countries
    • Jared Stein: Prospective user attitudes toward institutionally controlled Web 2.0 services for higher education
    • Linda Bradford: What is the impact of Virtual World Education on Creativity?