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OpenContent to host new Open Publication License

18 June 1999

OpenContent is pleased to announce that we will be hosting the new Open Publication License.

About a year in the making, the Open Publication License is a cooperative effort of folks you know from O'Reilly Publishing, New Riders Publishing, the Open Source Initiative, OpenContent, VA Research, and other places.

The license takes the idea of OpenContent one step further with a license friendly to commercial publishers, such as O'Reilly and New Riders. New Riders will be releasing its first title under the license later this summer -- GTK+/GNOME Development by Havoc Pennington.

The license is currently released in draft form for public review. We are expecting lots of community participation and feedback as the details of the license are finalized and other issues are addressed, such as the future relationship between the OpenContent license and the Open Publication License.

For more information see or contact David Wiley.

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